Hi, I’m Priscilla!

After an adolescence of poor eating, I switched to a gluten-free, whole foods diet just after college. After making the decision to change my diet, I stopped purchasing food in packages and taught myself to cook. A few years, a lot of sweat and tears, and many many tasty dishes later, Priscilla Cooks was born! I’m here to help & serve you – whether it be to create meals so you can follow a new diet, or to serve you and your busy family nutritious food so you don’t have to reach for a take-out menu again.

After moving to North Carolina, I learned a lot about food and where it comes from. I stopped being afraid of fat and began cooking with high-quality fats and oils. I frequented the local farmers’ markets for seasonal vegetables and bought in bulk from local farmers who focused on raising and selling grass-fed and pastured meats. I learned all about different diets and ways of eating, and how they could help different people. Gluten-free, Paleo, low carb, Keto, vegetarian, low FODMAP, autoimmune paleo and other anti-inflammatory protocols… I fell in love with learning about different ways of eating and cooking healthy and delicious food for others.

It’s easy to want to make a lifestyle change, but successfully changing your diet is Tough! It takes a great deal of time and energy to plan and cook all of your own meals. How many hours do you devote to meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking? Don’t forget washing all of those dishes afterwards! Between their jobs, families, and other obligations, many people I know simply do not have the time to devote to all of these steps. Instead, they are forced to grab fast food, eat at their desk, microwave a frozen meal, or eat some leftover Halloween candy.

If this is you – you may be compromising your nutritional goals and overall health.

What could you be doing during all of those hours you spend cooking? What if you just opened your refrigerator and there were meals you could eat to help you meet your dietary goals? What if you could eat food happily without worrying if something in the food will cause you to have an unfortunate autoimmune flair or hours of stomach pain?

You’re in luck. Let me prepare you tasty and nutritious food to fuel your body and mind! I already love to spend my days cooking, so let me take the pressure and hassle of grocery shopping, meal planning, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up off of your plate. You are already busy enough, so why not try out my meal service to ensure you are eating healthful food, tailored to your tastes and health goals?

If you’re ready to get started, check out the Work With Me section! Happy eating 🙂