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It’s no secret: the paleo/real-food community LOVES Costco. Really, they do. Diane at Balanced Bites has an awesome Costco shopping list, while other bloggers out there like Ashley from My Heart Beets and Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving provide their own paleo-friendly lists. Unfortunately, some of the products on these lists are just not at my Durham location (although it’s probably a good thing that my Costco doesn’t sell Hail Merrys by the case like they do in California….)

I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorite finds from my local Costco. It can be difficult to stop myself from buying ALL OF THE THINGS, so my husband and I have made a pact to only go there bi-monthly and  buy what we will use during those two months – no more, no less. That keeps our bill in check, and keeps us mindful to TRY to spread the groceries out over two months. Fresh vegetables of course won’t make it that long, but for frozen, canned, and packaged food can.

Below is a run-down of some of the products I buy on a typical Costco run. Keep in mind that I get the majority of my proteins from local farmers, so you won’t see any chicken, beef, or pork in my listing.

Priscilla Cooks Real Food Costco Staples

1) Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Portions
Cost: $29.99 (usually $35) for 8-9 portions of salmon, 3 lbs total
Description: I LOVE this salmon, and usually prefer it over buying any wild salmon at Whole Foods. Each 5-6 oz. portion is vaccuum sealed and perfect for any dish.

2) Organic Green Beans
Cost: $6.89 (on sale for $5.39!!), 5 lbs total
Description: The BEST price for organic green beans. I get pretty excited about vegetables, especially green beans. I can barely find conventional green beans for this price, so I stock up on at least two of these every time I am at Costco. They are already trimmed, too.

3) Cascadian Farms Organic Berry Blend
Cost: $10.89, 3 lbs total
Description: This blend contains strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. While I wish there were less strawberries, this is great to have in the freezer for munching and making Nutribullets. I buy these much less in the Spring and Summer when I get strawberries and blueberries from local farms.

4) Frozen Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon
Cost: $16.99
Description: My husband loves smoked salmon, and this is one of the only kinds he buys. I’m not a big fan of smoked fish, but he enjoys a few slices with breakfast.

5) Kalamata Olives
Cost: $7.69, 2 lbs.
Description: Tasty Olives for a fraction of the price of the Whole Foods olive bar.

6) Kerrygold Butter
Cost: $6.99, 1.5 lbs
Description: Great butter at the best price out there. I usually make large batches of ghee from it. I can Maybe buy a bar for $3 at other stores when it’s on sale. At Costco, it works out to $2.33 per bar, and each block has 3 bars. I make up the cost of the $55 Costco membership by the amount I save on Kerrygold alone.

7) Wild Planet Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cost: $9.99, 6 tins of sardines
Description: One day I will get myself to be able to eat sardines on a regular basis. ONE DAY. Until then, my husband happily eats them with spicy mustard on a pepper or cucmber.

8) Tri-Color Peppers
Cost: $6.99, 6 peppers
Description: Not organic, but a decent price for red peppers and little boats for the aforementioned sardines.

9) Campari Tomatoes
Cost: $5.49, 2 lbs.
Description: Perfect salad tomatoes. Not organic, but I’ve read that the Sunset brand is non-GMO. Not sure if that is accurate, though.

10) Wild Planet Tuna
Cost: $15.69, 6 cans
Description: Great tuna, great price. I love making my tuna with tahini and lemon juice, similar to Mary from Paleo Chef, but I use sumac instead of cumin.

11) Artichoke Hearts
Cost: $9.89, 2 2lb jars
Description: I use canned artichoke hearts for cooking a lot, but usually only find them in actual metal cans. I was glad to find some that were in glass!

12) (Not Shown) Carrington’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Cost: ~$16 for 54 oz.
Description: The most well priced coconut oil I’ve found. To be honest, my favorite is Dr. Bronners brand, but it’s more than double the price. I use coconut oil for cooking, sauteeing veggies, and in my bulletproof coffee.

 13) (Not Shown) Victoria’s Marinara Sauce
Cost: ~$9-10 for 2 large jars
Description: This is one of my favorite sauces, only second to Rao’s. This sauce is REALLY well priced and is delicious with zoodles and meatballs, on spaghetti squash, or just poured all over vegetables!


What are your favorite Costco finds? Share them below!!