“Priscilla has been an absolute god-send for some of my patients. My treatment plans often involve restrictive diets that require cooking everything from scratch, but not everyone can set aside the time needed to cook everything themselves. Priscilla cooks healthy meals, packages them, and freezes them so that those people can still eat well on their new diet. I’m amazed that she is able to do anything the patient and I need- Paleo, AIP, low FODMAP, SCD, low histamine, low carb, keto, low fat. You name it, Priscilla can cook it and it will taste great!”


– Dr. Nicole DiNezza, DC, NTP
Chapel Hill, NC


“Priscilla’s cooking has been a lifesaver for me. As a crazy-busy, single entrepreneur and nutritionist trying to juggle my own business, a dog, a busy social life, and making sure my house doesn’t fall apart, having healthy meals that require no preparation and no shopping has made my life so much easier. As a nutritionist, I refuse to eat junky food simply because my schedule is overloaded. When I eat Priscilla’s home cooked meals, I’m confident that I’m nourishing my body with delicious food while saving loads of time in the kitchen.”

Laura Schoenfeld
RD, MPH – Raleigh, NC


“Priscilla is excellent! She makes so many different dishes with such great flavors! She is organized and efficient, as well. She shops for all the ingredients at healthy venues and from organic suppliers. We rarely have to go grocery shopping, and that has been wonderful and a big help for us to stay on a healthy Low Carb diet.”

– Anne – Cary, NC


“I was your typical American workaholic, living off of take-out and microwave dinners.. I mostly ate chicken nuggets and pizzas, far from healthy foods. 

As a typical sufferer of various autoimmune disorders, my problems started manifesting in new and challenging ways, and the link to my diet became very apparent.  Before I knew it, I found myself on a full AIP diet.  For a workaholic who barely cooks and who couldn’t match up most vegetables with their names, this is no small task. So when I learned of the service that Priscilla was offering, I was ecstatic.  She is no stranger to cooking healthy meals that follow such strict dietary protocols. 

For the cost of my typical take-out budget, I am able to have ready made meals available without any worries about what is in them.  They are truly delicious and unlike most food, my body actual welcomes the meals.  The best part, is that I am being introduced to a whole new world of food which I wouldn’t even know how to cook or serve.  When I am cooking now, I am being inspired by the meals she has prepared.  And when I don’t have the time or energy to cook, I don’t have to wonder where I can get a safe and delicious meal.  I just look in my freezer.”

– Tracy – Durham, NC